Timeshare Resale – Know Seller Tricks to Save Yourself from Scams

The world of timeshare investments presents a unique opportunity to vacationers to enjoy comfortable accommodation at the holiday destination along with a chance to make money. Most people getting into this market are looking for good real estate investment opportunities, which is why this industry is all set to experience an exponential growth in the future. But as you might expect, as an industry begins to grow, along come the tricksters and scammers who are just looking to make a quick buck by cheating you on your transactions.. The only way that you have to keep safe from these miscreants is to ensure you know how to spot one. This article will help you recognise some of the common timeshare resale scams that you should be wary of.

These resale scams are everywhere come in many different forms. Many of them are not even owner initiated; the majority of these resale scams are initiated by some sort of telephone boiler room. All these scam artists have to do is get a list of timeshare owners and start making phone calls. For someone who is looking to offload their timeshare investment, these offers feel too good to be true. And that is where they get trapped.

You have to understand that every timeshare reseller out there is looking for good value on their investment. This is the general feeling that is exploited by these scam artists as they promise better than normal returns. The best way to go about things is to ensure you do your market research well. Look into what prices are now prevalent out there and try to gauge the resale value that people are getting for their timeshare property in your locality. Any offers made on your investment that are inflated way above these market rates are something to be suspicious about. Usually, these scam artists move by posing as reseller agents who are willing to help you find great deals. They make promises of having the best contacts and a great number of buyers in their portfolio who will be happy to pay a hefty price for your timeshare. They make high claims about helping you get a resale price that is better and bigger than what you will find in the market. And so, the lure begins..

Another way through which timeshare resale scams are effected is by way of offering freebies. So the next time you get one of those emails that invite you to a gathering of resellers with the lure of winning a free vacation as well, think twice about why the buyers/ agents will think of doing so. You will definitely begin to smell something fishy. These timeshare resale teams are very good at convincing people that the previous scam was all wrong, and that they will help them with a better program. The truth is the timeshare owner has found themselves in the middle of another one of those same scams.

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